Focus Business Consulting 10 Year Reunion

“The 2015 FBC team held a successful 10 year reunion. More information found here!

Researchers at McMaster

“As a researcher, I want my work to impact those who need it most and not just pile-up in academic journals. I knew that commercialization was the appropriate strategy to translate research from the bench to the bedside, however, as a scientist, my knowledge of the business world was meager and I was unsure whether the work was valuable. Focus Business Consulting helped immensely with determining the value of the research and in strategizing how to proceed next. The business plan that they created with me is a critical tool for propelling the venture forward. Best of all, the team was knowledgeable, motivating and flexible to work with.”

– Dr. Mark Tucci, PhD
McMaster University

Nayar Consulting

“Nick and Kaushik provided small business planning services to me in May and June of 2015. I needed the help to take my business to the next level – to grow it in a strategic, smart way that helped me manage risk and also understand what the best plan was for me.

My time with them was really wonderful. They were both down to earth, and very easy to work with. More importantly, they were very well-organized, did extensive research for me, always delivered high quality products and worked on time and on budget. They had great advice for me every step of the way, and never made me feel as if I was lacking in how I had handled things in my business. Good consultants know when to push their client to think bigger, and know when their clients just need reassurance and support. Nick and Kaushik walked that line really, really well. I always looked forward to our meetings! I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again”

– Radha Nayar, Principal

Halton Police

“The Halton Regional Police Service partnered with Focus Business Consulting in 2015 in order to seek an external evaluation of the Community Mobilization AND Engagement (COMMANDE) Strategy. Throughout the project, FBC consultants, Stacy Drohomyrecky and Martin Routledge, engaged relevant stakeholders and community assets in order to fully understand our collaborative initiative that addresses risk and moves us towards enhanced community safety and wellbeing. The FBC group delivered a quality assessment and outlined effective recommendations that will serve to inform our community about the COMMANDE strategy and guide our project as we expand from the Town of Milton to a regional initiative that encompasses the Town of Halton Hills, Town of Oakville and the City of Burlington.”

– Inspector Roger Wilkie

HVAC Solutions

“I have had the opportunity to use the Focus Business Consulting group twice now, and have been pleased with the results. The group seems to self-manage well, pulling in the necessary resources to complete the tasks required with the right skill sets. The projects I engaged them on were specific, tightly-focused tasks with very aggressive timelines, and the group delivered the output on time and on budget. Throughout the project they remained very focused on completing the necessary steps within the time budgeted, and were available throughout the process for any necessary meetings or discussions.

I would recommend the FBC group for any company that needs extra horsepower in completing specific projects, where internal time and resources are not readily available.”

- Director, Marketing Strategy of a large HVAC solutions company

Burlington Economic Development Corporations

“FBC is a hidden gem. Their contribution to the Burlington Economic Development Corporations projects has always enriched the quality and impact of our economic development initiatives.”

- Kyle Benham, Executive Director, BEDC

DeGroote School of Business

“On behalf of the DeGroote School of Business, I hired the Focus Business Consulting (FBC) team to conduct an important student feedback study to feed into our self-study report for a periodic MBA program review. The MBA review is conducted every 7 years and is a critical and required process as part of our program quality assurance. One of the most important components of the self-study report is a proposal for future improvements and enhancements. The FBC team was engaged to gather student feedback on this important component.

I was very pleased with all my interactions with the FBC team members. They carefully listened to my requirements, asked appropriate questions to ensure proper understanding of the project and sent interim documents to ensure they were meeting my expectations. We were working on a very tight time line but the FBC team ensured that the project was completed within my tight deadline with the utmost quality. The final report that was submitted exceeded all my expectations. Not only did the FBC team meet all my expected deliverables, but they were able to accurately anticipate the style, detail and additional elements that would be of value for my MBA self-study report (even some elements I had not anticipated or articulated in advance).

Overall, my experience with the Focus Business Consulting team was very positive. They were all professional, attentive, flexible and personable. The output of their consulting work was of very high and professional calibre. I am delighted to offer the Focus Business Consulting team my wholehearted endorsement for any future consulting projects.”

- Dr. Milena Head, Acting Director, MBA Programs, DeGroote School of Business



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